Howard Bisons Show The College Football World Something It Never Expected

Fans of college football will wake up this morning scratching their heads because of two of the biggest upsets in college football history.  The official first week of college football was exciting at best and surprising at worst.  Pick a bigger story.  The Howard Bisons upsetting the UNLV Rebels behind the all-american play of Caylin Newton, the younger brother of Cam Newton, or Liberty choke slamming Baylor to possibly the sickest defeat in Baylor Bear football history.  Maybe Howard’s win seemed a little more possible pregame especially with little to no film on Caylin Newton.

caylin newton 2
No one on the UNLV defensive staff expected Caylin Newton to be as good a passer as he showed in his freshman debut 

While coaches at UNLV may have known about Newton’s scrambling ability no one expected him to have the lethal arm that shredded the midline pass defense of the Rebels’ defense.  He ended the game going 15 for 26 for 140 yards and one touchdown through the air.  Not to diminish his 190 yard and two touchdown effort on the ground, but Newton’s passing ability was the exact thing that kept UNLV off balance throughout the game.  Maybe the biggest win in school history would be putting it lightly.  This was more like a plea to the NCAA for the program to be moved up to Division 1A status more sooner than later.



A Short But Pricey Dilemna For Hugh Freeze And Company

Is calling a escort service for a little hanky panky so bad?  Hindsight is 20/20 and I’m sure former Ole Miss’ coach Hugh freeze would say it has dire consequences.  By now the entire football college world is aware of the oft animated coach’s resignation from the Rebels program.  Out of respect for Hugh Freeze’s family we don’t need to delve to far into the hardcore details of the situation but rest assured the use of escort services is a practice by many other coaching staffs on the college and pro level.  Hugh Freeze just got caught ordering off the menu.  A sort of bitter icing on the cake of infractions for which Ole Miss is being investigated.

hugh freeze number 2
Current and former Ole Miss’ players have stood in the gap for Hugh Freeze professing him as a great teacher and father figure

Let’s hope that the list of recruiting infractions will come up false but it pretty clear that the Rebels made an incredible leap to the top of the college football ranks with some recruiting classes that seemed uncharacteristically high end.    Scandal is the part of sports that fans can do without.  It blemishes their heroes and it takes attention from the game.  But at the end of the day Hugh Freeze is just a man capable of mistakes.  Will he coach again?  Obviously.  And this entire personal misconduct story will go into the archives of pundit and talking head fodder.  Possible coaching jobs for Hugh Freeze are any of the mid major schools but don’t be surprised if Hugh Freeze finds his way into a coordinator position at a top 25 team by the end of the year.   Stay tuned…

College Football 2017-18

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